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"Geomechanics, Civil Engineering and Risks" is a research-oriented international masters programme organised by Université Grenoble-Alpes and co-accredited by Grenoble-INP.

The masters programme principally deals with mechanics or geomaterials, delivering a cutting-edge curriculum covering:

  • fundamental topics (such as continuum mechanics and numerical methods for non-linear mechanics),
  • research oriented topics (advanced experimental geomechanics, advanced concrete mechanics...)
  • advanced engineering topics (geotechnics, soil-structure behaviour and environmental risks...).

As an international programme, the whole curriculum is taught in English.

As a reasearch programme, an emphasis is made on a 5-month research internship in a partner university or company

"Geomechanics, Civil Engineering and Risks" is therefore particularly suited to students who have a desire to deepen their understanding of civil engineering and consequently lays the foundations for careers as leaders of industry and research.

This master is backed by a solid network of academic partners and industrial sponsors at the forefront of training and research on a European level.

This course delivers 60 ECTS is also available as a joint degree course for students in third year of a French Engineering school